Welcome to the Human-Centered CAD Laboratory!


A range of geometric modeling capabilities and application packages are being developed in this laboratory. The geometric modeling capability is considered to be the framework for the integration of CAD, CAM and CAE technologies that provide the topological and the geometrical information of an object to a computer. Especially from 1999 to 2004, an integrated system capable of supporting B-rep multi-resolution for the design of a large and complex assembly in a collaborative environment was researched and implemented as a role of the National Research Laboratory of Korea.


Currently, research for the integration of a human model with a CAD system is being conducted. Biomechanical research areas are being studied to achieve the goal of developing an advanced CAD system for human-friendly design considering the interaction between the user and the product. Moreover, from 2005 to 2008, a human modeling and simulation system for a human-friendly automobile was researched and developed as a role of the Lab of Excellency, which is supported by the Korea Industrial Technology Foundation.